Each piece of work is created with purpose.
Each is an offering.
A description, found on the back, grounds the piece in history and meaning.

In this work:
know the earth, know hands and feet in the texture and history of the cloth;
hear the voices of the people in the text;
feel the natural world in the wood, metal, and stones;
see the complexities of perception in the layers of fiber and paint;
find unity in the stitches.
And the medicine wheel sings!

In 1970, armed with advice from my grandmothers, I launched a quilting project at a community mental health center, and began my first quilt. In 1987 I became a professional quiltmaker, in 1989 a quilt artist, and in 1998 a collage fiber artist.

For many years I had a dual career as a psychotherapist and an artist. Often the issues discussed in therapy were also represented in visual form in the quilts. In 1999 I closed my psychotherapy practice and moved full time into the studio.

Images of the work are on file with the following Artists Registries:
American Craft Registry, Kansas City Artist Coalition, Museum of Contemporary Craft and Design, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Studio Art Quilt Associates, and Surface Design Association.

Work from this studio is now on display at the following websites:
The Studio Art Quilt Associates Gallery, Edge Contemporary Fiber Artist Gallery, and the Surface Design Association Gallery